Our Team

With training and certification in addiction medicine and recovery, the community management team at Next Step Village ensures that each resident has a safe environment conducive to long-term recovery.

About the Next Step Village Team

The team at Next Step Village has years of experience and provides a positive and empowering living situation for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Whether you’re staying on-site or looking for online information about continued treatment and sober living options in Central Florida, The Next Step Village is a resource for the community.

Our Editorial Policy

In addition to offering sober housing options in Central Florida, Next Generation Village is a digital resource for information about aftercare and sober living. Our editorial policy ensures that content on our website is reviewed by a team of writers, editors and medical professionals for accuracy.

In-House Staff, Editorial Team and Medical Reviewers

Learn more about the on-site staff at Next Generation Village and get to know the editorial team and medical reviewers who create online content related to sober living care and recovery.

Troy Nielsen

National Director of Aftercare Services

Dr. Timothy Huckaby

Medical Director

Michael Griggs

Senior House Manager